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Feel #naturo in your home

Imagine a place where windows and doors keep the warmth of your home, creating harmony with nature. A place where you wake up each day in an surroundings that provides you with security and peace you desire. This is what your home can look like when you choose wooden windows and doors from the Naturo line.

The choice of window and door is one of the most important decisions you make when building or renovating your home. Although uPVC windows dominate the market, nothing can replace solid and durable timber. Because it is the wooden windows and doors that give the building a timeless character, which uPVC windows do not always have to have. No wonder, each tree has a different grain, which means that a wooden window or door is unique and has an unusual appearance.

Despite the advantages of timber, in our heads there is still a myth that was born 20 years ago: the poor quality and the need for constant maintenance of such windows. While wooden doors have always been associated with durability and elegance, wooden windows are not necessarily. Fortunately, nowadays wooden windows are back in favor and we know why.

Wooden windows mean durability and variety of possibilities

Timber used in the windows is much stronger and more durable than it was in the past. Currently, we produce window frames from 3-4 layers of glued timber with the alternating arrangement of the rings, which guarantees much greater stiffness of the frame (compared to uPVC) and durability for years. As a result, they are perfect for various types of glazing, even large ones.

Wooden windows are easy to care for and take care of nature

Today's wooden windows are completely different than those from the past. They are incomparably easier to use and maintain. And it's all thanks to:
- good quality raw materials from a proven supplier (FSC certificate),
- protective, multiple coatings protecting the frame against moisture and fungi.
In order for each window to be eye-catching for a long time, you need to take care of it properly. It is the same with wooden ones. To keep them in good condition, use easily available preparations that effectively preserve and protect them for a long time with minimal effort.

In addition, it is worth remembering that modern wooden window frames:
- are more resistant to weather conditions,
- do not fade and do not peel off,
they do not attract dust, therefore they do not require frequent cleaning.

Moreover, high-quality wooden windows can be renovated, which restores their original appearance and properties even after many years of use. Therefore, if you care about ecological solutions in your life, wooden windows are a really good choice! The more that their high thermal insulation parameters keep the heat in the house for a long time. And this not only reduces air pollution, but also reduces heating bills.

Solid, wooden windows and doors in window4u

When investing in wooden windows, it is worth considering your choice carefully. Window4u will help you here - thanks to the augmented reality technology you can visualise the window or door in your home. You will find here:

Do you want to make your windows even more attractive? Choose window bars that will work both in traditional and modern design.

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