How do I switch windows to winter mode?

2022-10-27 13:10

Rising energy costs encourage consumers to look for savings on many levels. This may be helped by, among others window adjustment in summer-winter mode. This simple solution makes it possible to adapt the window joinery to the season and weather conditions. Prepare your window and apartment properly to freezing temperatures outside.

The window is in winter time

Windows are usually factory-prepared for summer (or neutral) mode, i.e. adjusted to higher temperatures. The gaskets are then not pressed so tightly against the window frame, and thus – air permeability is greater, which ensures ventilation of the apartment. This can be changed by setting the windows to winter mode.

Summer-winter option

To change the window mode from summer to winter, increase the sash pressure by turning the rollers to winter mode. Then, the tightness of the window joinery will be increased, so that the cold air will not penetrate into the room, which will enable proper insulation and will translate directly into energy savings.

Control tightness

How does the change from summer to winter mode work in practice? The sash fittings have adjustable pressure rollers – narrower on one side and wider on the other. They can be set in such a way that the seal is tightened to the maximum, then we will avoid the rotation of the air from the outside to the inside. The pin must face the thicker side towards the sash seal. Depending on the hardware used, this operation can be performed manually by lifting and turning the roller, otherwise you will need a Phillips screwdriver or an Allen key 4.

Tighten and save

Setting the winter mode causes the seal in the window to be tightly pressed. Tight windows mean better insulation, which translates into real energy savings. The room will keep warm longer and the air flow will become negligible, so we will use less energy to heat the living space.

Traditional seals

If the windows do not have the summer-winter mode, and they are not as tight as before, it is worth replacing the seals, which lose their elasticity over time. Traditional seals can be replaced on their own, so that the excessive amount of air will not fall into our living space.

Optimal air flow, better insulation and savings on heating are just some of the benefits that can be obtained by controlling the winter-summer mode, good sealing and proper protection of your window in the winter months.

If you plan to replace your windows before winter, find a dealer in your area who will help you configure windows for your home.

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